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Financial Planning Cardiff

Because life doesn’t always
go to plan.

Because life doesn’t always go to plan.

Life doesn’t always go to plan, which is why your financial planning should factor in the “what-ifs”. The future is full of life-changing events that can be both welcome and unwelcome, from weddings to unexpected illness. Uncertainty about how the future may affect your finances can make money management hard, and often a cause for stress and worry. 

Choose Harry Robinson for Financial Planning, Cardiff

Harry Robinson, your Cardiff financial planning expert, seeks to simplify your financial planning to effectively help you plan for both milestones and those unexpected matters that arise either before or after they happen. We use a combination of experience and technology to give you peace of mind and confidence when it comes to your finances.

So whether your are based in Cardiff South Wales or as far as London's east coast, Harry Robinson Wealth Management can help.

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Why a personalised financial plan can help make all the difference.

Why a personalised financial
plan can help make all the difference.


  • Find out how much you can spend on a new car, or whether you can afford to start your own business.
  • Plan for any unexpected life events that the future may hold.
  • Realistically forecast when you may be able to retire.

Retirement and beyond:

  • Easily calculate the right time for you to retire.
  • Enjoy family trips with the peace of mind that you are prepared for future unexpected expenses.
  • Make sure that you are prepared for the legacy you wish to leave behind.

At Harry Robinson, we can help you plan for the expected and unexpected in life.

Since graduating from the St. James’s Place academy with a diploma in financial planning, Harry works as an Appointed Representative of one of the leading wealth management organisations to help everyday people achieve their financial and retirement goals. Clients are firmly at the heart of the service Harry offers, as he strives to offer support and peace of mind in the long-term.

Where good old fashioned integrity and service, meet's simple but intuitive technology

As part of Harry’s passion for making the complex world of financial management more attainable, he offers every client access to the unique financial planning tool called Voyant. Voyant is a goal-based, interactive planning tool that makes it possible to visualise your financial future, test different scenarios and instantly see the impact key decisions may have on future life events. From buying a new home to planning for retirement, Voyant is transforming the way people spend, save and retire.


What can Voyant do for you?
Part One - Pre-Retirement

What can Voyant do for you?
Part Two - Retirement and Beyond

How it works

  • An intuitive interface allows you to easily build and update plans.
  • Forecast income, assets, liabilities throughout their lifetime, and the impact of small changes.
  • Be prepared for bumps in the road and “what-if” scenarios.
  • An entirely personalised and customised client experience.
  • All the while client data is kept thoroughly secure.

Voyant’s simple and intuitive interface makes financial planning easy and rewarding. 

1. Build

The simple and intuitive interface makes it easy for you to create and update your life plans.

2. Visualise

The tool will forecast your income, assets and liabilities throughout your lifetime, and show you the potential impact of small changes or key decisions.

3. Prepare

As you visualise the impact of “what-ifs” and road-bumps on your future goals, you can feel more prepared for what tomorrow may bring.

Feel confident about the future

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